Pooled Data
Powerful Results


Close the loop from client intake to reportable data with a management tool you can access on any device at any time. Next Level CMS is so light on its feet, you can capture and review real-time data wherever you’re serving a client today.


You’re part of a global mission and you know it. Grab a knot on this rope and let’s pull together in the same direction, leveraging the very best of what we already know and adding to our ever-growing understanding of what makes the difference for life.


Incorporating the necessary HIPAA protections, Next Level CMS is perfect for pro-life efforts of all stripes—medical, resource, linear, mobile units, and more!


Staffed by an ever-ready technical support team, Next Level CMS is created by pregnancy help people, and crafted for pregnancy help people just like you.


It’s not just the pregnancy help community who’s better together—so is our data. Your effective work can spur the rest of us forward, but only if we stand together.

If we were building center management software today…
what would it look like?

No question about it, that kind of software would be sleek, efficient and flexible, giving you the ability to enter and access information anywhere at any time.

Because a file cabinet won’t fit in your pocket or purse, Next Level is perfect to use in your center, take on the go, or hand to a client for intake wherever you meet her.

It would look like Next Level, and that day would be today.

Designed by a team of professional healthcare software developers, Next Level closes the loop from receptionist to client, to advocate and nurse—all in real time. Whether you’re meeting a client in your office, a church parking lot or on the go, your data is always secure and available at the tap of a finger.

Next Level also harnesses the power of big data, leveraging local and national trends to help you make the best decisions you can for the women you serve every day.

Incorporating the necessary HIPAA protections, Next Level is crafted to manage pregnancy help efforts of all stripes—medical, resource, linear, mobile units, and more!