CMS Overview

Next Level features abound, but what really matters are the benefits this new and improved product brings to the pregnancy help movement leaders:


Save Time

Skip the clipboard and paperwork. Every interaction you make goes right into the system, where it’s immediately available to your staff and volunteers. That real-time connection allows you to tighten up your follow-up process with high-risk clients, and empowers dynamic reporting. And, it’s such a simple, intuitive tool that anyone at your center can use it.

Expand Impact

Because God often leads you to do “pro-life work” when we’re away from the office, you need a tool that travels with you. Next Level’s native mobility turns an on-the-fly conversation into an open client file, to help you follow up on these divine, “unexpected” appointments.

Suit Yourself

It isn’t just that every pregnancy center is different—each client advocate is different too. Next Level is built on a strong structure that allows you to simplify your reporting while still capturing the whole picture of your client interaction. In addition, Next Level’s unique “Service Units” structure gives you the ability to better track your services and outcomes.

Know It Now

No more waiting for data entry to catch up. We’ve cut out that step at Next Level. As soon as you wrap up each visit—or on-the-go interaction—with a client, your data is ready to report and analyze, so you’ll always have access to the latest on what’s happening at your center.

Save Trees

Who says pro-lifers don’t care about the environment? Next Level is tablet-based, meaning you’ll never need a clipboard again. From receptionist to client to advocate or nurse, our intake process allows you to skip the paper and save the trees. More urgently, a fully secure, electronic record means streamlining client services and eliminating needless hours of inputting records.

How does Next Level help you do all of the above? We start with your needs, envisioning the client you serve and wondering, “How can we make sure she never falls through the cracks?” And, we start with your center, “How can we save your center time, money and help you reach more women?”

While we’re pushing toward these two goals, we’ve got a larger mission in mind: “How can we make the life-affirming pregnancy help movement stronger?”

We believe it’s time to make a change. It’s time to tackle all three of these goals with the Next Level.


With those goals in mind, here's the day-to-day tools you'll use with Next Level:

Client Intake and Information Management

Always know the latest on each client your organization is serving, from initial intake to every step of your ongoing client service.

Appointment and Event Scheduling

Manage your calendar of client services and center staff events.

Easy-to-Read Reports

Clean, simple design with drill-down capability.

Donor Management

Mobile-ready, real-time donor information you can access any time, anywhere.

Physician-Specific Review

Keep your medical director with status updates and push notifications so you never fall a message behind.

Upload Documents

From ultrasound scans to signed intake and permission forms, you can attach and share all your pertinent documents in a sleek, secure fashion.

In addition to the tools listed above—and so much more—Next Level offers what no other center management tool can:

Client and Staff Modes

Toggle between client and staff mode on a shared tablet or mobile device, so you can securely enter and update client information while she’s still sitting knee-to-knee with you.

Dynamic Display Fields

Track the progress of each intake in real time to ensure every intake form “start” has a finish.

Service Units

The first tool on the market to track Service Units, Next Level is built for pregnancy help people by pregnancy help people.

Client Risk Tracker

Since every client comes in with a target on her back from the abortion industry, you can keep your staff up to speed on each individual woman’s anticipated risk level, built into Next Level’s framework.

Client Rewards Tracking

Keep an eye on the rewards and incentives—including what’s next on the to-do list—for each client, available on your phone at any time.

System-wide Messaging and Notification

Say goodbye to a one-off group text that only reaches half your team. Whether it’s a prayer request, meeting time change or emergency alert, send a quick, immediate notification to everyone who needs to know.