Mobile App - For Centers

Because a file cabinet won’t fit in your pocket or purse, Next Level’s mobile app is the perfect substitute to use in your center, take on the go, or hand to a client for intake wherever you meet her.

More than a system to set loose in your organization, Next Level’s mobile app connects you to your staff, clients and donors in a vital, personal way that reflects the personal attention, compassion and love you have for each person involved.

With Next Level’s mobile app, you can use a smart phone to do virtually everything you can do on the tablet or desktop version, turning any divine appointment into a client intervention—anywhere, any time. The app allows secure access to donor information as well, giving you the ability to look up relevant information if you run into a donor while you’re out and about.

The mobile app also frees up your staff and volunteers to securely reach and follow up with clients, whether they’re at the center or not. No more waiting for an open workstation or waiting for data entry to catch up.

Never miss another opportunity to convert a divine appointment into a client or donor record, or to schedule that crucial follow-up action item.

There’s no time like the present. And no better time to take advantage of the moment through Next Level’s mobile app.  

Technical Notes

  • Our mobile apps are only designed with iPhone in mind, so they will appear in the iPad's App Store, but only after selecting "iPhone Only" under the store listing options. (See attached screenshot for more details)
  • However, these apps can still be installed on iPads, but they will run in a "compatibility mode”. This is the desired behavior because the app we have created is not an iPad app, it is only designed for iPhone devices.
  • The web app was designed with tablets in mind though. Since the web app is more fully-featured and better designed for larger screens, I would refer any center wishing to use tablets to use the web app.
  • We are supporting iOS 8.0 and above and devices from late 2013 and on.