Better Together

Silos are wonderful for storing crops. For data? Not so much.

Any time data gets trapped in a silo, that keeps critical metrics from combining together for powerful, actionable insights. The data your organization collects needs to work not just for you, but for the rest of the pregnancy help movement.

First and foremost, though, you need to use your own data to make great decisions at the local level. But how much better decisions could you make if your data was part of a robust pool data that serves the whole movement, who are pulling on the same rope together?

Together is better. Big data is revolutionizing all sorts of industries. Why shouldn’t it do the same for a critical ministry like ours?

“As the tools and philosophies of big data spread, they will change long-standing ideas about the value of experience, the nature of expertise, and the practice of management. Smart leaders across industries will see using big data for what it is: a management revolution.”

Harvard Business Review

As big data revolutionizes industries around the globe, now is the time to do the same for life-affirming work of pregnancy help. As we pool together what we’ve learned separately, we can begin to wield game-changing predictive and prescriptive analytics that lead to stronger outcomes.

We are better together. And the more together we are—even with our differences—the stronger we can be.

Taking pregnancy help to the next level.